Fash Copy #1: Friday, May 25. 2018

COPYI have struggled with finding a format to deliver you kids all the news, trailers, and game demos I find each week.

Earlier today I produced this newsletter in video format, and, while I was happy with it, it took way too much time to create. I want to make these newsletters semi-regular, even weekly. In order to do that I must find a timely and efficient manner in which to present this information.

So fuck it! — We’ll do it as a blog!

Also, check out Saturday Night Shekel Episode 1. It’s a special episode of Ctrl Alt Right featuring my Insert Shekel bits.

Apple are assholes
The assholes at Apple have rejected the new Steam Link iOS app over “business conflicts.” I think that is business-speak for “yeah, we might get into the game streaming space eventually and we don’t want you cucking us.” This comes after Apple previously gave the app the A-OK. Fucking assholes.

Paradox announces Imperator: ROME
I always had a hard time with Crusader Kings 2. My wife would cuck me, my kids (if they were even mine) hated me, I’d invade Ireland and lose, and those dirty money lenders were always after me.

Sign-up for the beta here.

Islands of Nyne trailer
It’s a FPS Battle Royale game that looks a bit like Crysis.

Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon released
I’ve been playing it. Review soon. http://curseofthemoon.com/en/

Horizon Chase Turbo released
It’s like Outrun, features local 4-player split screen for those who have friends IRL.

MOTHERGUNSHIP demo released for PC, PS4, Xbox One
I played the Steam version of the demo last night. It’s decent.

Ancestors Legacy releases on Steam
Ancestors Legacy is a squad-based RTS set in the Middle Ages. It’s from the developers of IS Defense so it’s probably pretty based.

Unreal Redux trailer
It’s a mod for Unreal that makes the game more unreal. More info here.

Rifter sounds awesome

Iratus: Lord of the Dead
“…is a dark and challenging, turn-based RPG where you play as an evil necromancer escaping from prison.”

I know some of you guys like turn-based RPGs. Directions to acquire the demo are available at the Kickstarter page.


Impressive Doom 3 mod trailer
To be released for original Doom 3, not BFG Edition (the version I own!)


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